• Bookings are to be confirmed in writing by completing the online digital booking form.

    • Completion of the booking form confirms acceptance of these terms and conditions.

    • The contact person named on the booking form is responsible for the compliance of the terms and conditions.



    • Costume hire fee is £10.00 per costume (+VAT at 20%)

    • The full hire fee is to be paid in full at time of booking to secure costumes for dates required.

    • A purchase order number is to be provided. Invoices will not be sent without a valid PO.

    • If a PO is not required written confirmation of this must be received.

    • Remittance advice must be sent to finance@harlequinscostumes.com stating the date of when payment is to be sent.

    • Payment is to be made via BACS only with the invoice number used as the reference number.

    • Harlequins Costumes does not accept cash, cheque, or card payments.

    • VAT Exempt schools are to provide an exemption certificate at time of booking.

    • All costumes must be paid for once ordered if required or not.

    • Any alterations to costume requirements within 6 weeks of delivery will be subject to an administration charge of £8.91 (+VAT at 20%) per alteration request.

    • Amounts owed are to be paid upon receipt of invoice to Harlequins Costumes.

    • Costumes will not be dispatched if there is an unsettled amount on account. All accounts must be fully settled prior to dispatch.

    • Any late / non-payment of invoices will lead to account being put on stop and may affect future hires.



    • Delivery & Collection is charged at £100.00 (+VAT at 20%)

    • Each costume will arrive individually bagged and labelled.

    • Student name, costume and items will be clearly marked on the label.

    • Each item is to be returned in the same bag using the label as a checklist.

    • A full packing list will be provided in the hire document folder.

    • Hire document folder is to be returned with the costumes.

    • Delivery and collection is available nationwide.

    • Delivery and collection is made by Harlequins Costumes approved courier ‘Parcel Force’ only.

    • On site collection or return is not permitted.

    • Costumes are delivered one week before the opening performance date.

    • Costumes are collected on the first working day after the final performance.

    • Missing or incorrect costumes are to be reported within 24 hours of receipt. Any discrepancies outside of this time will not be accepted.

    • Any additional carriage required will be charged for depending upon size and quantity.

    • Items returned to Harlequins Costumes that do not belong to the company will be sent back to the hirer at cost which will be invoiced prior to items being returned. Harlequins Costumes will dispose of non-stock items after 30 days of non-payment and will not be liable to replace the item(s) either by like for like or monetary value.

    • Any items belonging to Harlequins Costumes that are not returned with the collection must be returned at the cost of the hirer within the set time limit set by Harlequins Costumes at time of notification of missing items. Unreturned items will be charged for at full replacement cost if not received by the final date requested.



    • Measurements are to be sent no earlier than 8 / later than 6 weeks before first performance.

    • Measurements are to be taken in inches only. Alternative measurements will not be accepted.

    • Measurements are to be rounded up to the nearest full inch.

    • Measurements are to be provided using our measurement chart only.

    • The hirer is responsible for taking accurate measurements of each student.

    • A measurement guide and measurement forms will be provided at the time of booking.

    • Costumes are altered to measurements provided. Harlequins Costumes will not be liable for any costume that does not fit due to incorrect measurements or growth of child.



    • Each costume is fully accessorised as per the costume plot only.

    • Alternative costumes may be provided at Harlequins Costumes discretion due to availability of stock items.

    • Each costume is carefully measured by our experienced team and altered to fit measurements provided.

    • Any further alterations required are to be done by hand only.

    • The use of glue, wonder web, staples or pins is strictly prohibited due to the delicate nature of our costumes.

    • No machine alterations or cuts are to be made.

    • Costumes are fully laundered between each hire. DO NOT wash or iron any item.

    • Any damages or losses are to be reported on the damage / loss report form no matter how big or small.

    • Damages beyond repair / lost items will be invoiced to the hirer at full replacement cost.

    • Alterations made by hirer are to be removed before returning costumes. Alterations not undone will incur a surcharge of £8.91 (+VAT at 20%) per costume that requires correction.

    • It is prohibited to eat and drink whilst in costume. Should any marks be found to suggest this has taken place a cleaning fee of £10.00 (+VAT at 20) per costume will be invoiced.



    • It is the hirers responsibility to carry out a full risk assessment of the costumes and accessories provided. Harlequins Costumes will not be held liable for damage or injury caused by any items supplied.


    • Each costume has been thoroughly checked for pins and needles prior to dispatch. If any are found please do remove them to avoid injury to wearer and inform Harlequins Costumes immediately in writing by email to: info@harlequinscostumes.com. We also ask you note this on the damage / loss report found in the hire document folder.