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  1. Completion of the booking form confirms the customer agrees to the terms and conditions of hire, forming a legally binding contract between the customer and Harlequins Costumes.

  2. All bookings are secured with a non-refundable deposit.

  3. Non-refundable deposit is the minimum order value.

  4. Orders under the minimum order value will not receive the difference by refund / credit.

  5. Deposit amount is deducted from the final balance.

  6. Final balance must be paid in full prior to the dispatch of costumes. Costumes will not be sent to overdue accounts.




  1. Payment is accepted online only via BACS / CARD.

  2. Payment by cheque is NOT accepted!

  3. Remittance advice must be sent to stating the date of when payment is to be sent.

  4. VAT Exempt schools are to provide an exemption certificate at time of booking.

  5. Full payment details are included on all invoices.




  1. Measurements are to be sent no earlier than 8 / later than 6 weeks before first performance.

  2. Measurements are to be taken in inches only. Alternative measurements will not be accepted.

  3. All measurements requested on the measurement chart are required.

  4. Do not let children / parents measure children. We recommend the same adult measures every student for consistency.

  5. Measurements are to be rounded up to the nearest full inch.

  6. Measurements are to be sent by email using our measurement chart only.

  7. Each costume is measured by our experienced team and altered to fit measurements provided.

  8. Harlequins Costumes will not be liable for any costume that does not fit due to incorrect measurements received.

  9. Any further alterations required are to be done by hand only.

  10. The use of glue, wonder web, staples or pins is strictly prohibited due to the delicate nature of our costumes.

  11. No machine alterations or cuts are to be made.

  12. Alterations made by hirer are to be removed before returning costumes.




  1. Costumes arrive individually in reusable bags and must return in the same bag.

  2. Missing / damaged bags will be charged to the school at the full replacement cost.

  3. Harlequins Costumes will arrange the delivery and collection of costumes with their approved courier.

  4. Customers must confirm delivery / collection details with Harlequins Costumes at time of booking.

  5. Shipping notifications will be sent by email / SMS to the delivery / collection contact with tracking information.

  6. All deliveries/collections require a signature from the customer. Parcels will not be left in a safe place.

  7. Failed delivery/collection due to customer will incur a charge payable by the customer.

  8. Charges will be raised for each attempt until successful completion of delivery/collection.

  9. Delivery/collection is made during work hours, Monday to Friday.

  10. Timed deliveries are charged extra and quoted upon request (not available for collections)

  11. Receipt of damaged/missing items must be reported to Harlequins Costumes within 24 hours of receipt with photographic evidence emailed to

  12. DO NOT use a blade to open the parcels as this may damage the products within.

  13. Additional deliveries/collections due to customer will be charged to the customer.

  14. Costumes must be packed into the original boxes and well-sealed using strong packing tape.

  15. Any loss / damage to costumes due to poor packing will be charged to the customer.

  16. Customers are required to add the return address label on the top of each box.

  17. The courier will provide the shipping label when they collect the costumes and adhere to the parcels.

  18. Any lost property sent in error to Harlequins Costumes will be kept for 14 working days before disposal. The school will be informed of found items and then raise an invoice to pay for the return of the items which will be sent upon payment.




  1. Each costume is fully accessorised as per the costume plot (we do not provide wigs, shoes or underwear).

  2. Alternative costumes may be provided at Harlequins Costumes discretion due to availability of stock items.

  3. Costumes are fully laundered between each hire. DO NOT wash or iron any item.

  4. Any damages or losses are to be reported on the loss report form no matter how big or small.

  5. Costumes must be stored in a dry, clean environment and transported in their individual bags provided.

  6. Do not ‘dirty down’ any costume item.

  7. Damages past repair / lost items will be invoiced to the school.

  8. If costumes require specialist cleaning due to misuse a cleaning fee will be charged to the customer.

  9. Always keep costumes away from fire / naked candles!

  10. Do not eat, drink or smoke in costumes at any time.

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